About us

Delirious Accessories started as a holiday project and a one woman show (with occasional interventions :P) in October 2010. It is a result of having too much free time and pent up creativity during a particularly looong and uneventful semester break.

We have since grown and have brought in various trends and styles sourced from various European, American, Korean as well as Japanese brands. 

Not forgetting our roots, we continue to occasionally create our own exclusive line of handmade accessories and accept customized made-to-fit orders.

Another little known point that sets us apart from other shops is our commitment to guilt free packaging. We strive to be environmentally friendly by recycling boxes for delivery purposes. So far, 100% of our orders have been sent out safely using recycled boxes for the past 3 years :)

Delirious have been featured on various online and print platforms such as MSN Lifestyle (online), Seventeen magazine (online + print), Intrend Malaysia (print), Tongueinchic.com (online), Venusbuzz.com and Lipstiq.com.
What inspires us: @littlebitsof-awesome

Pictures all taken by yours truly unless otherwise stated.